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    Three Swallows Release

    Powers Three Swallow Release is the 21st century embodiment of the traditional pure Pot Still whiskey style which made Powers famous around the world. Three Swallow features all the singular characteristics of traditional Irish Pot Still whiskey - robust, spicy and powerful. It is matured primarily in American bourbon barrels where these characteristics are amplified and complemented with strong wood character. Marrying with a small sherry aged component gives Powers Three Swallow Release balance and finesse.


    Tasting Notes

    • Nose

      Pot Still spice combines with crisp barley character. Delicate herbs give way to green banana and grapefruit while a nutty note of marzipan reflects the wood contribution of specially selected casks.

    • Taste

      In true Pot Still style, an initial taste delivers smooth mouth-coating barley followed by an eruption of green apple and citrus notes. Herbs and spicy flavour are complemented by a touch of cedar wood for extra complexity.

    • Finish

      Spicy sweetness gives way to Pot Still barley character balanced with a hint of sherry and leading to a crisp cereal finish with toasted oak notes.

The Famous John’s Lane Distillery

The Powers John’s Lane Distillery was renowned for its Pot Still Irish whiskeys, bursting with flavour and character and made famous by one of Ireland’s most popular brands, Powers Gold Label. When the renowned brewing and distilling historian Alfred Barnard, visited John’s Lane in 1886, he described the whiskey as "delicious and finer than anything we had hitherto tasted. It was as perfect in flavour, and as pronounced in the ancient aroma of Irish whiskey so dear to the hearts of connoisseurs, as one could possibly desire".

Following the merger of three family businesses - Powers, Jameson and Cork Distilleries Company (producers of Paddy whiskey) - John’s Lane distillery closed and whiskey production moved to a new purpose built distillery in Midleton, County Cork in 1975.

Here, the new stills and maturation processes were carefully designed and built to replicate the particular characteristics of the three founding families.

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