Single Pot Still
Irish Whiskey

Meet the premium family of Single Pot Still

A world of complexity

Only a century or so ago, Single Pot Still Whiskey encompassed over eighty percent of the world’s whiskey supplies.

But then came a series of historical events that almost wiped out our style of whiskey,
all before its more recent and inevitable return to the world stage.

No other country in the world can make Single Pot Still Whiskey. It is the original and the quintessential style of Irish Whiskey making. Over 300 years of Irish Whiskey skill and tradition goes into each and every sip.
As they say, ‘practice makes perfect’.

Midleton Single Pot Still Whiskeys are world renowned and eminently decorated for their signature pot still spices, silky mouth-feel and full, complex flavours.

Watch the following to find out more on the unique history and processes of Single Pot Still:

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Redbreast Whiskey

Redbreast Family

Redbreast is one of the most awarded whiskeys in the world.

Long after the demise of the whiskey bonder era in Ireland,Redbreast has lived on as the archetypal whiskey of that time. Enduring because of a trusted name and a devoted attention to detail.

Redbreast website
Powers Whiskey

Powers Family

Powers’ John’s Lane Distillery was renowned for its Pot Still whiskeys

Bursting with flavour and character and made famous by one of Ireland’s most popular brands, Powers Gold Label. Our Powers Single Pot Still range aims to continue the heritage of this iconic brand.

Powers website
Spot Whiskeys

Spot whiskeys Family

The Mitchell family entered the whiskey bonding business in 1887

At the peak of the Victorian whiskey boom, Mitchells originated the system of labeling casks with a daub of paint that identified the age of the whiskey inside and the names of these iconic whiskeys have survived to today.

Spot whiskeys website

Midleton Family

A mention of the word Midleton amongst whiskey connoisseurs

…evokes feelings and images of quality, of luxury 
and of the reassurance that you are encountering the 
finest of whiskeys that the Midleton Distillery has to offer.

Midleton website